The Kansas Wildlife Federation, founded in 1950, is a grassroots organization of hunters, anglers and concerned wildlife conservationists dedicated to the sustainable use, conservation, appreciation, and the restoration of our state’s wildlife and natural environment. We approach this mission primarily from the perspective of hunting and fishing, which are important traditions in Kansas. Over 425,000 hunters and anglers spend more than $600 million in the state each year. The Kansas Wildlife Federation chapter was rebuilt in 2018 with help from our partners within our affiliated parent organization, National Wildlife Federation. Learn more about specific members of the KWF Board working for you on our About The Team page.

The Kansas Wildlife Federation works to preserve endangered species and species in need of conservation like the monarch butterfly pictured above. This individual was carefully tagged with a sticker and monitored as it migrated to Mexico.

Mission Statement

The Kansas Wildlife Federation promotes hunting and fishing opportunities and associated recreation for the benefit of all hunters, anglers and conservationists. KWF supports the sustainable use and management of fish and wildlife and their habitats through education, partnerships, outreach, and policy oversight.

Vision Statement

The Kansas Wildlife Federation strives to continue the development of Kansas-based programs for the benefit of our people and our state. We wish to spread vital information to Kansas hunters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts so that the public is engaged and aware of what’s going on in Kansas natural resources management and related legislation.

Issues and Advocacy

The Kansas Wildlife Federation advocates for, and track the process/status of many issues in the state of Kansas. These include:

  • Conservation of Monarch Butterflies
  • Native Plants
  • Mentorship in Hunting and Fishing
  • Land and Water Conservation
  • Funding the Clean Water Act
  • The Farm Bill Expansion
  • Kansas Water Shortage Crisis
  • Cover Crops
  • MO River Watch & Awareness

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